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Prenatal Diagnoses

Prevention is better than cure which is why the society screens the carriers by simple blood test and above this offer free facility of Prenatal Diagnosis to determine whether if the baby is thalassaemic. The society is pioneer in this filed and last year estimated 200 (CVS) prenatal diagnosis tests were carried out.

Endocrine Clinic
With advancement of treatment facilities most of our thalassaemic children are now in growing age i.e. pubertal age group. So in order to solve their problem related to puberty and other endocrinal problems with usually arise in 2nd decade of life we realized a need to take a opinion from some specialized persons. Se Thalassaemia Society arranged en endocrinology clinic on every 2nd Monday of the month being conducted by an endocrinologist Dr. Taeed Butt.

Chelation Club (24hrs Chelation Progamme)

Chelation Club specially arrange for registered patients. Mostly patients have high serum ferritin level, the only solution for lower down the serum ferritin level is regular chelation with Desferol injection. In chelation club society admit thalassaemic children and give them free injection decferol, pump break fast, lunch and other facilities.

Post Graduate Training program

Thalassaemia society is providing post graduate training program in thalassaemia for the doctors of Fatima Jinnah Medical College Lahore. So far reasonable number of doctors completed their training and successfully managing thalassaemic patients at their appointed venues.
Pick & Drop Bus Services
ThalSociety is providing pick & drop service to their patients from their homes to day care center. Two air-conditioned luxury buses are available to facilitate the patients for this purpose.