Who we are

Thalassaemia Society of Pakistan was established in 1994. This is an organization of volunteers from all walks of life who have dedicated themselves to achieve the following goals:

  1. Treatment of Thalassaemic children
  2. Prenatal Diagnosis for Thalassaemia.
  3. Awareness through Genetic Counseling
  1. One of the principal goals of the Society is the treatment of Thalassaemic children. The Society has established a Thalassaemia Center in the Pediatric ward at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore where children are given the treatment free of cost  which includes:
  1. A blood transfusion every 3 to 4 weeks since the body of a Thalassaemic cannot produce red blood cells. The Society with the help of Punjab Blood Transfusion Services, collects, screens, and transfuses blood to patients coming to the Thalassaemia center.
  2. Removal of iron accumulated in the body due to repeated blood transfusions which is done by the Thalassaemia center by injecting ‘Desferal’ through a chelation pump. Each injection is administered for 8 hours and must be given 20 days a month. These patients are also given treatment for other Thalassaemia related complications such as splenectomy, infections, reactions etc.
  3. The organizing of a patient Support Group to help the families of thalassaemics to pull through the traumatic experience of Thalassaemia - a disease which not only affects the patient but also leaves a devastating psycho-social effect on the family of the patient.
  1. In order to determine if the baby born to the carrier is Thalassaemic, The Society screens the carriers by a simple blood test and then offers them the facility of prenatal diagnosis. The Society is a pioneer in this field and was the first to carry out Prenatal Diagnosis for Thalassaemia.
  1. Creating awareness through Genetic Counseling; conducting International Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Lectures; distributing Brochures, Leaflets and Posters to target audience at all levels, and also involving the Print and Electronic Media to propagate this cause.

 Mr. Kanwar Javed

 Mr. Usman Ahmed

  Mr. Hasnain Kazmi

   Ms. Sehr Qazilbash

  Mr. Farooq Nabi Malik

   Mr. Zulfiqar Nabi Malik

  Dr. Muhammad Tahir

   Dr. Adil Akhtar

 Mr. Muhammad Imran

 Sheikh Ashfaq Ahmed

  Mr. Waqar Nasir

  Mohammad Jafri