TIF's First International Associations Workshop


TIF organized the First International Associations Workshop in Nicosia Cyprus from 26th to 27th of September 2002. The workshop was well attended and delegates from 77 associations around the globe participated for two days of discussion on how to establish and support strong  & effective Thalassaemia association.

Prof. Dr. Yasmin Raashid & Hussain Jafri also participated and represented Thalassaemia Society of Pakistan (TSP) in the workshop. A presentation was made at this occasion on Thalassaemia in Pakistan and working of all the TSPís centers around the country. The presentation was highly appreciated as it gave a very good picture of the challenges faced in trying to secure appropriate treatment and support for Thalassaemia patients and their families.

 Prof. Dr. Yasmin Raashid & Hussain Jafri on behalf of TSP invited TIF to organize a Regional Workshop on Thalassaemia in Pakistan.


. This international workshop and TIFís delegation visit to Pakistan would also carve a way to put pressure on the government to put Thalassaemia on the Health Agenda. TIF Board of Directors have very kindly agreed to organize a regional workshop in Pakistan and Mr. Stavros Melides, Assistant Secretary of TIF has been given responsibility to visit Pakistan and finalist the workshop arrangements.




Dr. M. Sarwar of Pakistan Thalassaemia Welfare Society & Dr. Noaman Siddiqui of Abbottonians Medical Association also participated in the workshop. Dr. Yasmin stressed the need for forming a Federation of Thalassaemia Associations of Pakistan so that all the associations join hands and start a mutual struggle to fight this disease. It was mutually decided by the delegates from Pakistan to form the federation and TSP was given the responsibility to hold the first meeting in Lahore, which shell be organized very soon.

 TIF also donated 12 Iron chelation Infusion Pumps to TSP. Dr. Yamsin Raashid & Hussain Jafri also thanked Panos Englezos and Stravos Melides for their kind hospitality and generous donation of infusion pumps.